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We know that your business is not just your business - it’s your life’s work.

In every legal or business dispute, there is much at stake.The longer the judicial contest, the more tedious and costly it can be. Whether you’re a defendant or plaintiff, our team of forensic accountants and business valuation experts can assist you and your counsel throughout every phase of litigation. As part of a litigation support engagement, we will engage in fact-gathering, conduct thorough analysis, deliver credible findings, and provide expert testimony, for a more efficient resolution.

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  • Coordination with Counsel
  • Our first step is to launch a Discovery phase, coordinating with counsel to establish goals for the support engagement, pinpoint interrogatories, and collect the necessary documents for effective review and analysis.

    In this phase, we will:

    • Review court documents, including legal complaints and subpoenas
    • Conduct a brainstorming session with legal and advisory teams

  • Issue Findings
  • Once the proper financial records have been collected and analyzed, and interviews with key stakeholders have been conducted, we will then compile and draft a report of our findings – the story behind the numbers and the facts.

    In this phase, we will:

    • Analyze Financial Records
    • Interview Key People
    • Draft Report of Findings

  • Depositions and Testimony
  • In this phase, we work in concert with counsel to prepare necessary strategies for anticipated lines of questioning during deposition and trial, as well as articulating your position with expert testimony.

    This phase includes:

    • Preparation for Depositions/Testimony/Trial
    • Testimony at Deposition/Court/Trial

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