Sell-Side Due Diligence

We know that your business is not just your business - it’s your life’s work.

Selling a business is often a lengthy, cumbersome process. And while many business owners are preoccupied with getting the best selling price, the most important factor when conducting a pre-sale valuation is conducting your own due diligence. When done right, sell-side due diligence allows for a more informed and faster sales process, opening up opportunities to boost the value of your business prior to sale.


As part of a merger and acquisition engagement, Roth&Co’s Advisory Services Division will assist you in preparing a business plan or presentation for potential acquirers, guide you on the terms of a sale, and assist you with the due diligence and selling process. At the end of the review, you will walk away with holistic financial insight and perspective of your business.


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  • Review Information and Readiness for Sale
  • Our process begins with an initial information gathering period, effectively laying the groundwork and boundaries for the entire fact-gathering endeavor. This includes reviewing your overall objectives, terms, financial needs, etc. as well as coordination with any other specialists or teams involved.

    During this phase, we will:

    • Review Company Tax Returns
    • Review Company Financial Statements
    • Review of Accounting Processes and Quality of Records
    • Analyze Company’s Financial Performance
    • Interview Key Personnel

  • Quality of Earnings Analysis
  • The question on the top of any target’s mind is whether or not your business is a profitable, advantageous acquisition. We will review any and all pertinent documents to help you gain an accurate, unbiased outlook and valuation of your business. This phase concludes with a Findings Report.

    During this phase, we will:

    • Examine Revenues and Gross Profits
    • Review Payroll and Employee Census
    • Establish Add-backs and Normalization of Profits
    • Calculate Pro-forma Financial Statements
    • Issue a Report of Findings and Recommended Value

  • Prepare Pitch Deck
  • Using the insights gleaned from the previous two phases, we will help you prepare a persuasive pitch deck, focusing on your business’ core competencies, and compiling them in a manner tailored to your target buyer.

    As part of crafting a pitch deck, we will:

    • Assist with the Preparation of Financial Projections
    • Compile Financial Assumptions and Executive Summary
    • Compile historical financial data

  • Assistance with Due Diligence Process
  • While the prospective buyer is conducting their due diligence, we will assist you throughout the entire process to further ensure there are no surprises.

    This will include:

    • Review Letter of Intent (LOI) or Terms of Deal
    • Coordinate with Buyer’s Due Diligence Team on Document Request
    • Review Information to be Provided to Buyer’s Due Diligence Team
    • Provide Guidance on the Negotiation of Terms

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